Welcome to Vibe Dance Center!

Voice. Inspire. Build. Entertain.

Voice. Project confidence! Body language often speaks louder than words. We help kids, teens, and adults find their bodies’ voices through movement. Learn to speak various dance styles ranging from graceful ballet to don’t-mess-with-me hip hop to rat-a-tat tap to passionate lyrical and contemporary. And, yes, we also offer private voice lessons and group musical theater classes.

Inspire. Dance your way to inspiration! Moving to music helps the brain find new ways of working, sparking creative thinking in other areas. Our classes encourage the young and the young-at-heart to see themselves as can-do cartwheelers, flexible free-thinkers, strong leapers of boundaries, and inventive improvisers.

Build. Build your body, build your life. Our students learn new vocabularies from jazz hands to jeté, learn to work all their muscles, and learn to be a part of a production team. New friends, new performance experiences, and new perspectives are a bonus!

Entertain. Entertain new ideas, entertain others. Shakespeare wrote, “All the world is a stage,” and we help students develop the confidence to participate in all of life. From end-of-term recitals for family and friends to community performances for a larger public, our students participate at their comfort-level.

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